Accruent Enhances Connectiv Healthcare Technology Management Platform

Accruent, the world’s leading provider of physical resource management solutions, has launched enhancements to its innovative Connectiv healthcare technology management (HTM) platform. Recent enhancements to Connectiv include tools to improve the efficiency of integration with real-time location systems (RTLS) and IoT device security providers. These enhancements will improve the safety and availability of devices, enhance tracking of equipment, and assist healthcare organizations in understanding device utilization and creating right-sized capital plans.

Connectiv enables healthcare biomedical and facilities teams to better manage connected devices and equipment, enabling more informed capital planning and improved operational efficiency. In turn, better financial and operations management can improve the delivery of care, drive out costs, and ensure compliance with the Joint Commission and DNV GL standards.

According to a Moody’s Investor’s Service analysis1, operating margins for hospitals have fallen to an all-time low of 1.6%. Hospital biomedical and facility support departments continue to be asked to do more with less. At the same time, patient care is being delivered with increasingly sophisticated, connected medical devices. Unfortunately, this has made the healthcare industry the new number one target for hackers. In fact, according to a report from global cybersecurity insurer Beazley2, 37% of ransomware attacks during 2018 were perpetrated against healthcare organizations and devices.

Legacy and generic computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) struggle to keep pace with the complexity and the industry-specific regulations facing healthcare organizations. However, because the Connectiv platform was designed from its inception for healthcare organizations, it delivers device management functionality, configurable workflows, and security features that are optimized for the healthcare environment—both physical and regulatory.

Connectiv is certified by ServiceNow, reflecting that it meets the highest platform standards for security, compatibility, and performance, and is available in the ServiceNow store.

Connectiv enables organizations to:

  • Build workflows with a configurable rules engine—without code or SQL—to ensure operational quality standards and compliance
  • Better manage maintenance work to reduce unnecessary labor, overtime, and service contract costs
  • Perform all work functions in the field (on and offline) from any mobile device
  • Improve communication between departments
  • Automate the parts procurement process with industry leading vendors—like GE Service Shop—from within the work order
  • Proactively secure medical devices and protect against cyber threats
  • Connect systems and automated processes with out-of-the-box integrations with RTLS providers, parts vendors, product recalls and alerts, network monitoring tools, ERPs and Time and Attendance

Connecting device management software with security, alerts, and parts ordering improves maintenance productivity by reducing administrative time. “Because of the GE Healthcare Service Shop integration with Connectiv, we identify and purchase parts more quickly, easily, and accurately from within the work order,” observed Robert Bundick, Director of Biomedical Engineering, ProHealth Care. “Our engineers can order parts sooner and spend more time focused on equipment maintenance.”

Connectiv will continue to evolve based on the specific needs of healthcare organizations. As a result, Connectiv will deliver hospitals and clinics with the information they need to get maximum utility from their complex, evolving portfolio of connected devices.

“Healthcare organizations must find ways to improve efficiency and performance with fewer resources,” said Al Gresch, VP, Healthcare Support and Customer Success, Accruent. “Leaders must be able to obtain meaningful, actionable data to optimize planning and improve operations. More informed capital planning and greater operational efficiency allow healthcare organizations to dedicate a greater share of resources to their primary mission—providing the best care possible.”